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Big Time 7v7 Football is committed to providing the opportunity for young athletes to develop their football skills while also teaching them valuable life lessons. We are dedicated to instilling character and integrity in our players, while also cultivating a passion for the game. If you're looking for a football program that will not only help you improve your skills but also shape you into a well-rounded individual, then you've come to the right place. Join us today and be a part of the Big Time 7v7 Football family!



📅 Program Start Date: November 2  🕒 Time: 7pm  📍 Location: 3054 15st NE (Coyote Den) ​ Cost - $400/month Limited Spots ( 30) ​ Are you ready to ignite your passion for football and embark on an incredible journey of skill development and game understanding? Look no further than our 7-week program designed to mold aspiring young athletes into true Rising Stars! Here's what you can expect from our program: ​ Program Overview: Duration: 7 weeks of immersive football training and education. Age Group: Open to players aged 8 to 15 who are eager to learn and excel. Coaching Excellence: Our professional coaches bring years of experience and a deep love for the game, ensuring top-tier instruction and mentorship. What You'll Gain: Fundamental Skills: Learn the core skills of football, including passing, catching, blocking, tackling, and more. Game Understanding: Develop a deep understanding of football strategy, rules, and positions. Repetition-Based Learning: Practice makes perfect! Our structured program focuses on repetition to help you master the essential techniques. Key Highlights: Practice Sessions: Engage in hands-on practice sessions that mimic real-game scenarios, allowing you to apply your newly acquired knowledge. Team Building: Develop teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship through collaborative drills and exercises. Mental Toughness: Gain insights into the psychology of sports, teaching you how to stay focused, resilient, and confident on the field. Become a Rising Star: Skills Showcase: At the end of the program, you'll have the chance to showcase your newfound skills in front of friends and family. Graduation Ceremony: Celebrate your achievements at our Graduation Ceremony, where you'll receive recognition for your dedication and hard work. Why Choose Rising Stars: Experienced Coaches: Learn from the best with our team of professional coaches who are committed to your success. Structured Learning: Our practice-based approach ensures that you not only understand the game but excel at it. Fun and Inclusive: We prioritize fun, inclusivity, and personal growth. We're not just building football players; we're building well-rounded individuals. ​ Don't miss this incredible opportunity to unlock your potential as a Rising Star in the world of football. Whether you're just starting or looking to level up your game, our program is tailored to help you succeed. Join us for seven weeks of intensive training, camaraderie, and unforgettable football experiences. Let's work together to shape you into the Rising Star you were born to be! For registration and inquiries, contact us at (587) 777-7830.


Are you ready to elevate your quarterback skills to an elite level? Join us for the Sunday Quarterback Class led by Coach Merchant at the Coyote Den. This is your opportunity to master the art of throwing, refine your footwork, and learn the intricacies of reading progressions like a pro! ​ Class Details: Date: Every Sunday (September 10th - November 26th)  Time: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Location: Coyote Den, 3054 15st NE ​ Cost - $50/per session or $165/month (3months) ​ What You'll Learn: Mechanics of Throwing: Gain a deep understanding of the fundamental techniques that make for a perfect throw. Coach Merchant will break down every aspect, from grip to release, to help you achieve precision and power. Footwork Mastery: Learn the footwork secrets that separate great quarterbacks from the rest. Discover how to move in the pocket with agility, maintain balance, and set up for optimal throws. Reading Progressions: Unlock the ability to read through progressions with confidence. Understand defensive coverages, recognize open receivers, and make split-second decisions that win games. ​ Why Choose Elite Quarterback Training: Expert Coaching: Coach Merchant brings a wealth of experience and a track record of developing top-tier quarterbacks. ​ Position-Specific Training: This class is tailored exclusively for quarterbacks, ensuring that you receive position-specific guidance. Limited Spots: To provide individualized attention, we have limited spots available. Don't miss your chance to train with the best. ​ Networking Opportunities: Connect with other aspiring quarterbacks, build relationships, and learn from your peers. How to Sign Up: To secure your spot in this elite quarterback training class, please contact us at [Insert Contact Information]. Act fast because spots are filling up quickly!  Whether you're a young talent looking to hone your skills or an experienced quarterback striving for excellence, the Sunday Quarterback Class at Coyote Den is your path to success. Prepare to take your game to new heights and lead your team to victory! Join us, and together, we'll elevate your quarterback game to an elite level. See you at the Coyote Den! 🏈🌟 ​

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