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Why 7on7 Football ?

What are the benefits of getting involved in 7 on 7 football?


 7 on 7 puts an emphasis on the passing game. With four receivers trying to find an opening in a seven-man defense, accurate passes are crucial.


A quarterback will develop the ability to throw receivers open and recognize soft spots in coverage. Arm strength will also be on display. Arm strength is about more than pushing the ball down the field. It is also the zip a quarterback can put on the ball on out routes.

As for receivers, this is a chance to sharpen their route running. Receivers need a diverse route tree run with precision to shake defenders. Because of the pace of the game, receivers will learn the fundamentals of making route decisions at game speed. This will come in handy when they are assigned hot routes in the future.

A skill player’s agility will be at the forefront as will their breakaway speed. A receiver who is an alumnus of 7 on 7 football will be one of the most polished on any roster.

Whether playing defensive back or lined up as a linebacker, defenders will learn to play both man and zone coverage. Defensive schemes employ a mixture of both coverage types so every player on D will have the principles down pat.

Four seconds might not seem like a long time for a defense to cover the field but players know it is more than enough time for an offense to strike. On average quarterbacks let loose with a pass in less than 3 seconds. That means defenders are tested on each play. After playing 7 on 7, a defender will be confident they can stay with any receiver.

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