Our mission is build the culture of football in to all players players and families. Promote safety in football and skill development in a highly competitive environment.  Playing tackle football is a very physical game that requires a lot of mental attention, focus, and physical recovery.  Playing with Big Time 7on7 football in the spring or offseason from tackle football gives players the opportunity to recover from a physical fall season, and continue to develop their skills and grow mentally in the game of football in a competitive atmosphere.   


This fast-paced game is filled with big plays, and the atmosphere is electric. Players focus on critical thinking, adapting to in-game situations. In a game where touches matter, players touch the ball 5x more than playing tackle football, which allows them to rack up more catches and throw more touchdowns, while learning how to get defensive interceptions in a safe and competitive environment.

We strive to provide a competitive, fun, football experience for all players who are interested in football, and players looking to take their game to the next level. 


Big Time 7v7 football provides professional coaching, leadership, and a cultured community built around football and its traditions. Our program is run like a NCAA Division 1 program, designed with strength coaches, position coaches, and academic advisors. Big Time Players is dedicated to providing a first-class experience for families and players, while allowing our athletes to showcase their skills and abilities against top athletes in their sport on an National platform.


This year will be the first year BTP will participate in the 7on7 Association of Canada, allowing us to compete for a Canadian National Championship.  With the global pandemic slowing down International travel for Canadiens at the moment, we plan to continue our travel south of the border in April to June when we have more clarity on potential border restrictions. Our program has major success, with numerous players receiving USports and NCAA scholarships, as well as prep school invitations.  Players on these teams will have competed against some of the top players in the nation, and received national attention from Canadian and American tournaments covered by 24/7Sports, Rivals, and K25 Sports.

Are You Big Time.